Article | Let Free Your Pain (contd.)

I am not as strong as I seem on the outside. You didn’t even understand that…

Worded Works by Mickey Kumra

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You could see through my weakness, couldn’t you? You could have alerted me, you could have helped me find my peace. You could have allowed me time to come to terms with our new reality. And you could have stood by me as I did. But no, you wanted to rid yourself at the earliest of the baggage I had become to you. You allowed yourself to belittle me and my sentiments. And, for that, I never can forgive you.

I know this announcement doesn’t come at the most opportune of times, and that, perhaps, would be the only wrong I ever did. I’ll still be here for you whenever you need me. But, unlike always before, you may not expect to find me watching over you. You’ll need to seek me out. You’ll have to invite me to spend some time in your life.

Yes, it does sadden me…

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