Growing in All Different Directions

So we grow. And we develop. Not just physically but also emotionally. And the emotional growth is so much more harder to accept. You become confused… “Which way am I growing… what am I growing into? Who am I becoming? Which is the real me??” There are so many shades of you, it’s hard to know which is the real you… When are you just pretending to fit a particular situation and when are you actually being yourself.

I guess, no one can answer that correctly. There might not be a correct answer. Because maybe… all those shades of you are the all of you growing in different direction instead of following a straight path. What you feel with different people, how you behave in the same situation but in different places or with different people, it’s all you. It’s all the real you. Even when you are pretending, it’s you.

I guess it’s OK to doubt, to be confused, to ask questions about yourself, to feel like nobody understand, to feel alone. But you are not. You really aren’t!! it’s ok not to get the answers right away. There aren’t always answers for everything.


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