To My Ex-Best Friend On Her Wedding Day

for those who are no longer a part of my life… it took a really long time for me to reach this stage, where I could look back and be thankful that I had you all in my life. now I can say thankyou and actually mean it. i am not going to wish that you be back in my life, because I now understand that God always has a better plan for me. for all of us. maybe we parted ways for the better. because of you, i had made so many memories, felt more intensely, lived so much more. because of you all I can look back and smile at the life I have lived till now. thankyou for being there to create those memories…

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The HillsThe Hills

Maybe I’m dating myself since this show hasn’t been on the air for awhile, but times like these bring me back to the drama-filled finale of MTV’s The Hills. Viewers sat on the edge of their seats wondering, “will she or won’t she?!” throughout a painful sixty minutes before Lauren Conrad dramatically marched into the huge chapel for frenemy, Heidi Montag’s star-crossed wedding to Spencer Pratt (who I still think looks like a cartoon character, but provided perhaps the best one-liners of any reality TV star to date).

I formed so many close bonds and friendships during college. It was such a transitory time in my life, yet also a period of so little responsibility. I found that some of my most intense relationships and fondest memories were with those close friends whose place in my life didn’t end up standing the test of time. At the time…

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