Criteria for Mr Right

Musings of a Procastinator

A while ago I posted about a crush I had on a guy I knew that was driving me insane. Today, finally, I can say with utmost confidence, WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!?! I won’t go into details about what happened because who knows who uses WordPress, but what happened today was all the evidence I need to know that he isn’t different, he isn’t the person that I so desperately wanted to like me, that he isn’t even my type! Bloomin’ hell girl, were you wearing the wrong prescription glasses all those months?! In fact, like a lot of men, (but not all of them) he’s very much interested in himself, he needs quite a bit of attention, and even if he doesn’t mean it which I know he doesn’t, he will forget about you once the girl of his dreams comes into the frame. Which is…

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