like a flowing river…

I recently read a blog from freshly pressed  “But life isn’t a souvenir shop where every experience gives you something you can take with you: life is, instead, a series of liquid moments that cannot be captured or contained.Instead of trying to capture, contain, or quantify the river of time, how fully have I experienced and appreciated each and every drop?”

Makes me think about my life. All the good memories and the bad ones… although the bad ones still make me cringe, they seem to have lost the sting they used to cause before. One of my teacher once mentioned that our brain works in a way which makes it easier to look back at our school days and remember only the good memories, making us wish we could go to that time.

I never thought life was to be measured in terms of how much we achieved, more intent on making and collecting memories I could live on later. But it seems the rest of the world don’t think in the same line. maybe its the reason I have never been competitive enough, never trying to collect trophies to show how much I am capable of. Maybe I was lazy, not wanting to join in the rat race. because I was scared of loosing, without even trying. Because rejection and defeat overshadowed the chance to learn new things. But finally it has come to the same end.

Running after the same old goals as the rest of the world…


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