Safety net.

to follow our heart or to worry about the standards set by the rest of the world…

♥ truelovejunkie ♥

We all want to have normal lives. The safety of a secured and sheltered life… a safety net.. we desire the peace and the comfort it can give us. And the peace we think we can have when everything is in place. But slowly… fear starts to eat us up as we climb the ladder of the certainty and sureness we have come to idealize. Standards are formed inside our heads and judgement rises.. the fear that security comes with is the price we have to pay. Slowly we hold on to the safety for dear life but the net will always rip and be torn apart. We spend all our days trying to mend or hem  or cover up the hole… we often wonder how we can live another day…breathe another air if we cannot meet the standards we have set.. every single day… we do the same…

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