‘Be Where You Are’

i wish I could follow it…

mkhana in transit

I hope she doesn’t mind me posting this, but one of my sweetest friends wrote something on her blog that, thanks to my very unreliable, moody internet connection here in Ethiopia, I just discovered today. In the last few weeks, I have gone through some strange ups and downs – patient deaths, preventable illnesses, sick babies, sicker parents, weird interpersonal exchanges with my higher-ups, challenging work duties, paranoia on a high level from my higher-up, gin of questionable quality, lack of appropriate mixers for said gin…even a request, from my higher-ups at work to me, to stop a friendship…yeah, wrap your head around that. Well, my friend captured something raw and so real that I feel that I MUST share an excerpt;

The grass really is always greener. Don’t let yourself immortalize past experiences on a pedestal of the bright and shiny. Don’t let yourself discount your present experiences because…

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