truth about love

And someday i wish I can call you mine & you can call me yours
for our life to start and end together….
And its True, I can’t live without You….
My heart beats for you and only you

lovely lines right? Don’t remember from where I got it.. But its one of  my favorites. I always thought love to be like this. This burning desire to always be together, forever.

In reality, love is a lot different than what we get to read in novels and fictions and in Cinderella stories.. there is no prince charming and no magic kisses to wake you up from your bad dreams… its a constant series of sacrifices. You really can’t have everything at the same time – friends, love, family. No matter how hard you try, you are always going to have to disappoint some one or the other. Before it happens to us, we always criticize others for changing after they fall in love. Some change more than others. But do you ever stop to think, maybe that person changed because that was the only way possible to go ahead, that maybe they didn’t want to change anymore than you wanted them to, that maybe they were forced to change…

Love is hard.. harder than the movies we see. there are no easy happy ending.


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