living selfishly…

ever wondered how you are going to turn out in a place where no one knows you??! how would you react to situation where no one expects anything from you or rather don’t know what to expect from you… maybe I would turn out to be a sage or a really sarcastic onlooker… did you know, sarcasm arises from the wickedness in our character which cannot be displayed in public coz its against the norms of our society… the more wicked you are inside the more sarcastic you will be. Some of us think its a sign of superiority… I in fact actually enjoy it. And when I can’t think of a smarter retort I feign ignorance to irritate the other person even more!! LOL!! I guess I am just an evil person. Better than pretending to be God, isn’t it??! Why would I ever sacrifice anything for anyone else, who may or may not even appreciate the effort. Better to live only for yourself. Be selfish. Because otherwise the world is just going to eat you alive!!



  1. sacrificing something and then expecting that it will be recognised is not sacrifice at all, it’s just your selfishness. You have to rise to above normal human beings to realise that. It’s your happiness, one way you don’t adhere to societal norms, on the other you want appreciation. Societal norms are based on recognition and appreciation. You have to live life for yourself, you have to do what you feel like doing and what makes you happy. And if you are expecting anything in return, you still are a societal creature.

  2. Being selfish is not the solution to problems. Situations or adverse conditions are part and parcel of life. If you let these things changes the very core of you, then you are just normal. if you remain you, no matter what happens in the surroundings, then you have understood yourself the best way possible. Sometimes, you just keep something to yourself, something which you like, something which makes you happy. It does not any authorization or recognition from anyone. its yours and only yours. Just enjoy it. You are only answerable to yourself.

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