memoirs of a dreamer…


dear you,

so I heard him say… “the more people we have in our life… the more number of times we get divided among those people”

does it mean that every time I meet someone and form a relationship with that person, I leave a little bit of myself with that person?? wouldn’t that leave very little of me with myself?? could it happen that having all those relationship has made me lose myself among them… 

my thinking up until now had been, every time I meet someone new and create a relationship with that person, a new me was created who was exactly like what that person expected me to be… isn’t there a saying that says we respond to people’s perception of us… kind of like having multiple personalities to suit different people in my life.

confused as always… what with all the time traveling and parallel universe fantasies I’ve been hearing about… lost as usual with too many thought running inside my head and my boyfriend telling me I live in an imaginary world… I like being like this.. certain arrogance in being considered one of the artsy types… LOL!! but sometimes the loneliness becomes too much to handle… and I’m not talking about being alone physically rather mentally… the world is too big and I can’t help thinking that somewhere someone must be going through the same things as me.. feeling the same loneliness and whispering the same prayers to the sky… can it be possible that, that someone at this moment in time might be thinking about finding me too…



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