how to deal with dissappointment

dear you,

so, it was a boring day as usual… but then we decided to make it interesting by going to meet one of our teachers, to apologize to him. he was/ is angry with us/ me. it was a very bad idea. i should have known. i am certainly not the type of person who goes around saying sorry. i should say, the teacher had a valid reason to become angry. i would have been too if I was in that teacher’s place. But because the teacher was angry and he would not accept our/ my apology, i got hurt/ disappointed. Now i feel… let him screw me over, i am not going to go to him for anything again. I am disappointed because, he is/ was one of my most favorite teacher and I always thought I had finally somehow found the perfect mentor. Sadly… disappointingly… NO!!!

Its not gonna cause him any trouble. I would be the only loser in this scenario, BUT!! That’s me. I don’t understand myself sometimes. I know me but its not the same thing as understanding why i do/ feel what I do/ feel. I wonder, when will I ever stop being so over / hyper sensitive. i should stop stop stop!! expecting too much from anyone. Nothing good ever comes of it.

You must be feeling, here goes another sob story of some one living a perfect life. I guess, its true… meaningless fights and posts to deal with excess of time… I have GOT to start doing something… not monotonous!!!



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